Our Story

What started out as sketches and custom pieces for exceptionally special and discerning friends evolved into a collection. It became apparent rather quickly that it wasn’t as much about the usual business of technical design as it was about telling remarkable stories of intelligence, elegance, strength, playfulness and sensuality of women.
Moss & Lupine became a gatherer and teller of stories. Stories celebrating a woman’s individuality and her amazing gifts. Of her adventures, her triumphs, even her heartbreaks but most special to us, her loves.

Our Craftsmanship


Call us hopeful romantics, we are ardent fans of doing things the meticulous, old-fashioned way. Keen to put heritage and tradition back into jewelry making, we went combing through history looking at traditional methods of jewelry making, determined to bring back the intimacy and romance of jewelry wearing.


There really is no point in getting all dressed up if it comes at the cost of damaging the environment. We source our raw materials carefully by checking and verifying that our suppliers adhere to environmental and ethical standards and laws. We continually look for opportunities to work with local communities to give back and to contribute. We’re fussy like that.

Jewellery Care

Whilst it will take considerably less effort to care for your Moss & Lupine jewellery than your garden, you should still take the time to give them the love and attention they deserve. This ensures that you will have many years to enjoy your jewellery and to luxuriate in its presence.

Always store jewellery in the pouch provided when not in use. You don’t like being out of your pajamas so why should your jewellery be any different?

Like spring showers, use only the softest and cleanest of cloths to wipe your jewellery. Wiping helps to keep impurities away and prevents tarnishing. Then your jewellery, like you, will radiate with glorious confidence.

If you do notice tarnishing, then let the professionals handle it. Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist. There is nothing more satisfying to us than returning the shine to our jewellery and a smile to a beautiful princess.