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Inspired from the beautiful peony flower, the Ines collection features subtle yet delicate guilloche patterns reminiscent of the flower’s petals. Finished in either white or grey vitreous enamel, Ines makes for an elegant and timeless statement. Available as earrings and pendants.

Our Reviews

The earring designs are intricate and artistic, yet simple and versatile enough for everyday wear. The quality of workmanship is commendable too!


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M&L designs carry a chic, contemporary flair with beautiful workmanship. Amazing packaging provides a delightful sensory experience. Recommended for anyone with an eye for quality and design!


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The perfect accessory for my daily wear!


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I absolutely love the design of the Elise pendant, and I've been wearing it almost every day! It still looks as new as the day I got it. If the sizing range for the chains could be expanded, it'd be even better. But a beautiful piece otherwise!


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The Elise pendant in a staple piece in my collection. The pendant is beautifully designed and well balanced, creating a very versatile piece.


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I love the Ines pendant because of it's everyday wearability. I always wear it to the office or meeting up with friends for an evening dinner. It's comfortable to wear all day, and I like that it doesn't get tangled or twisted easily.


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The enamel pieces are very beautifully made. Designs are elegant and perfect for everyday wear.

Ying Ying

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The pieces are timeless, making it effortless to accessorise and wear long-term. It is a well-crafted brand experience; from the design inspiration to its intricate details and how it's packaged with care instructions.


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Our Craftsmanship

Call us hopeful romantics, we are ardent fans of doing things the meticulous, old-fashioned way. Keen to put heritage and tradition back into jewelry making, we went combing through history looking at traditional methods of jewelry making, determined to bring back the intimacy and romance of jewelry wearing.