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Fashion For Cancer 2023

Featuring inspiring stories from the cancer survivors of Fashion For Cancer Fashion Show 2023.

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Fashion For Cancer 2023

We have known family and friends who have had cancer and survived. However, being diagnosed with cancer at an early age is particularly difficult.

Meeting the cancer survivors/models for Fashion for Cancer have been an inspiration for us. They are unbelievably strong, and they are so positive in their outlook. They have taught us to treasure each moment and 'not sweat the small stuff!

We share the stories of five inspiring individuals who overcame all odds and emerged victorious in the face of the relentless adversary that is cancer. Stay tuned for more!

Moss & Lupine is proud to be a part of Fashion For Cancer, a charity fashion show which presents cancer survivors as runway models celebrating their strength and resilience.

Support the cause by making donations from $10 via till September 25 2023! All donations are tax exempted and will go towards the National Cancer Centre Singapore Cancer Fund.

Meet the cancer survivors

A Mother's Love

Yvonne Chua

Meet Yvonne – a marketer and a mother whose life took an unexpected turn with a life-altering diagnosis in 2019. But in the midst of adversity, she refused to let it define her.

Fueled by her unyielding commitment as a mother, Yvonne set her sights on overcoming breast cancer and cherishing every moment of her daughter's growth. Discover Yvonne's inspiring journey as she shares her experience in the face of hardship.

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Words change destinies

Shuwen Lou

In 2019, Shuwen was given a diagnosis that would alter the course of her life. Navigating the challenges of cancer treatment, the grueling rounds of chemotherapy pushed her to the brink. However, her doctor's words of inspiration and unwavering support became her driving force to see it through.

These days, travelling and savouring the simple pleasures in life have become her priorities. Shuwen's journey underscores the strength found in resilience and the profound joy that comes from embracing life's adventures.

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Rising above adversity

Vivienne Wong

Despite the initial emotional impact of her cancer diagnosis, Vivienne discovered a wellspring of unwavering support from her mother, who had also triumphed over a similar experience. Alongside with the help of her devoted family, friends, and the solace of her faith, Vivienne found the inner fortitude to navigate through these challenging times, all the while holding onto the optimistic anticipation of brighter days ahead.

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Beauty form within

Charlene Koh

The dynamic side effects of chemotherapy presented an ever-shifting challenge, leaving Charlene with a sense of helplessness especially with the loss of her hair. This put her in a profound identity crisis, prompting her to question the essence of beauty. However, this journey led her to the realisation that authentic beauty emanates from within.

Once entangled in the demands of her work, she discovered the significance of embracing life's fleeting moments. Charlene now lives life more fully, navigating existence with a deeper affection.

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